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June 12, 2018
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Outdoor Portable Cooking Stove Pocket 8 Wicks Kerosene Stove Burner Camping BBQ Heaters


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Name Kerosene Stove
Material Iron Art
Size 19.5×18.5cm/7.67×7.28inch
Weight 835g

First put the wick well, and then add kerosene to the tank,
then adjust the length of the wick, each wick lit (see if the wick sucked kerosene and then ignition) .
After adding the windshield, you can use it to fire.
Just adjust the torsion bar and place the core inwards to extinguish the fire.
Easy to use, smokeless, odor-less, fuel-efficient, cooking real, fried, fried, braised, stewed.

This needs your assembly.
Fuel:kerosene, plant fuel such safety fuel not easy to explode (do not use gasoline, dangerous) After the kerosene is full, it can also be used for several hours in the maximum firepower (Because the personal firepower adjustment is different, the data cannot be unified, so the use time cannot be determined)

Package Inckluded:
1x spoon
1x funnel
1x user manual
4x wick
4x supporter
3x windshield
1x boiler support
1x wick holder
1x sponge